My partner and I have three kitties. All three of them are full of personalties and they are very different from each other. Here is a short summary of each of them. :3


Stoney (aka Tony) is our oldest, about 19 years old. He is super sweet and docile. Oftentimes, you will find him napping on his throne (pillows and blankets piled up on a chair).

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Baxter (aka tomato) is around 7 years old. He is a very big and strong kitty. He loves hanging out on the balcony and watching birds that come to the bird feeder.

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Xerces (aka potato) is our youngest. He is about 6 years old. We think that he has a perpetual kitten face. He loves being loved, and he demands being loved if he feels that he is not getting enough pets. Lol. He makes the cutest little pigeon chirps!

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